By: Bex Rizo(she/her/)
Editorial Team Member

At the beginning of every year many people reflect on how the year went, what they did, what they didn’t do. Based on these reflections, many determine whether the last year was good or not. A common ritual people practice is to set “new year’s resolutions.” The only trouble with setting yearly goals is that it can be very easy to break these promises. Some of these broken commitments include eating healthier and exercising, and who can blame them when running is practically torture and cheeseburgers taste pretty good ?

That’s why I never try to set any major goals. I set little goals that are more doable. I always find that at the end of the year I am much happier with myself when I do this. Last year, my little goals were to smile more and worry less.

I spent time doing what I love, spending time with my family and friends, and pushing myself slightly out of my introverted box. I did so many fun things this year,

like:  spending time with my favorite people,

hiking/taking walks,

making delicious food,

and not worrying as much as I have in the past.

Not all parts of the last 12 months were happy, but I want to remember these little moments, and make new memories that are just as special going into the new year.

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