By: Bex Rizo(she/her/)
Editorial Team Member

My love language is food. I have always loved anything involving it. Whether making it or enjoying it, I’m happy either way. What makes it so special to me isn’t just the way it looks, or how it tastes, but the memories attached to it; the people that put hard work into it, and helped me understand everything about the process. I remember as a little kid, I wanted more than anything to learn how to make my favorite soup, which was: potato soup. So, my Mom walked me through the directions step by step. Now because of that, I can recreate not only one of my favorite soups, but also some beloved childhood memories too. When I eat that food now, I am magically transported back to a simpler time. That’s why learning about how something is made is something I will always be grateful for. When someone I love teaches me how to make something, I feel closer to them. I sadly will not always have them in my life, but when I make the recipes they taught me or eat the type of food they love, it helps me to feel like they aren’t so far away. 

For me, food seems like a universal love language. It helps bring people together, even if they aren’t from the same place, don’t speak the same language, they have something in common: the love of food. The traditional recipes continue to be passed on from one generation to the 

next. Food brings people together; old or young, big or small, everyone can enjoy it. Food is something  everybody can love and cherish. It can be used to express emotions like showing someone you love them, many people will often make food for  others going through a tough time. It is something that brings people closer to one another.

That’s why some of my favorite memories involve food. When I was little I always enjoyed building gingerbread houses during Christmas, and there was nothing better than when my grandma taught me how to make some of her recipes. Whether I am enjoying the food someone made for me, or I’m making it for someone else, I will always have a love for food.

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