By: Bex Rizo(she/her/)
Editorial Team Member

I think it is pretty safe to say most people enjoy fall, even if fall is not your favorite season. There are many reasons to love fall; there’s the leaves changing colors, pumpkin carving, hay rides, and of course all the food that comes with the change in temperature. All of the things I mentioned do make fall great but the reason I love fall is because of a cartoon network mini-series that changed my life. 

Cartoon Network is responsible for many childhood favorites such as Adventure Time, the Power Puff Girls, Ben Ten, and Teen Titans, just to name a few. Those are just a short list of my personal favorites but my all-time favorite Cartoon Network series is a mini-series called: Over the Garden Wall. I love everything about it, from the music to the little details you may only catch by rewatching multiple times. It is, in my opinion, a cinematic masterpiece. The show begins with two brothers, lost in a mysterious forest trying to find their way home. They are dressed in unusual clothing and the viewer is not filled in as to why they are dressed this way until much later. The viewer is also blind to  the reason behind why  they are in the forest at all. As the show goes forward the audience gets introduced to more characters and little by little is clued in to why they are in the forest. I won’t spoil too much about the plot but as far as screenwriting goes it is one of my favorites. The music in this show is also remarkably good. It is a mix of instrumental along with vocals. The characters are loveable and for the frog lovers, there is a frog that has his name frequently switched. 

It is my favorite work by Cartoon Network and the whole thing gives off major fall vibes. I can’t help but relate it to the feeling of orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees. I make it a tradition to watch it every year, sometimes more than once. If I had one wish to make, it would most likely be to go back and re-watch this series for the first time again. In my book, it is a 10/10. This mini-series is my favorite fall tradition. It has changed my life for the better. So if you love fall, cute animals, mysteries, and exceptional music and art, give this series a watch.

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