Ana María González Paniagua

A love letter to home

Over 2,000 miles. I could only endure it with you three. In August, I had the opportunity to drive from my hometown in Mexico to Rochester, New York, where my brother lives. We were leaving him off to his second year of college, but even if it was the second time around, it still hurt. I love having him around. But that trip was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that connected me closer to my family, where we did things we never thought we would and learned that, overall, love will always keep us together.

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More Than Strokes

Art is a small window that opens the vision in the core of someone’s heart. It allows us to peek into what life is like for that person. How they see themselves, others, and the environment can be explored through art, but most of all, what they value.

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The Wand Chooses The Wizard

The Harry Potter series was the first monumental series that I read. I remember the day I decided to venture on the journey of those seven books.

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