Ankita Mallik

Thoughts from a 1st Generation Daughter

As a daughter to 1st generation immigrants, I’ve always felt underrepresented. I’ve always felt like no one was going through what I was; whether it was begging my mom to pack me a sandwich instead of the daal and rice she insisted I take.

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College admissions is a stressful topic for most high schoolers, with the looming suspense of where everyone will end up. Often, college is seen as the only path after high school, or at least the most ideal. As a current junior in high school, I am constantly stressed about how my actions will affect my future.

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Odisha: My Home Away From My Home

Many people define home as the address listed on your driver’s license. Where you were born. The town you may go to school in. But for me, Odisha has always felt like home.

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