Over the Garden Wall

think it is pretty safe to say most people enjoy fall, even if fall is not your favorite season. There are many reasons to love fall; there's the leaves changing colors, pumpkin carving, hay rides, and of course all the food that comes with the change in temperature. All of the things I mentioned do make fall great but the reason I love fall is because of a cartoon network mini-series that changed my life.

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For Every Girl

A topic I have always been interested in is Science. When I was young, I remember hearing about topics of Science in school and absolutely adoring them. There were fun experiments, tests, and labs.

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My Trip to the Chicago Zoo

My family loves animals. In fact, we love them so much that we have a total of eleven! Sometimes I think we must be insane to have so many.

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The Taste of Love

My love language is food. I have always loved anything involving it. Whether making it or enjoying it, I'm happy either way.

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No Sabo Kid

One of my biggest struggles growing up was knowing who I was. I knew my mom is American, with blonde hair and blue eyes. My dad is Mexican, with black hair and brown eyes. And people always said I took after him.

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“Pal”entine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Literally, you see it almost everywhere you go. In fact, some stores begin advertising as soon as late December. To some, this is great, because why wouldn’t you want an extra 1-2 months to prepare?

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Little Goals

At the beginning of every year many people reflect on how the year went, what they did, what they didn’t do. Based on these reflections, many determine whether the last year was good or not. A common ritual people practice is to set “new year's resolutions.” The only trouble with setting yearly goals is that it can be very easy to break these promises. Some of these broken commitments include eating healthier and exercising, and who can blame them when running is practically torture and cheeseburgers taste pretty good ?

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Writing Home

School was never something I had any specific thoughts or feelings about; it was just something I did. I knew it was important for the future: college, career, happy life, and so on. But that was it, just a means to an end, something I had to complete before I got to my actual goal of becoming an adult.

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I’m Always Here

When I was younger, I thought the way people's brains worked was interesting. I loved learning about why someone might act or be a certain way. If I’m being honest, I've probably taken every personality test out there. My obsession with learning about people's personalities would eventually turn into me taking psychology classes and wanting to pursue that as a career.

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