Riley Tomes

My Body: A Radically Unimportant Part of Me

My body changed throughout the day, molded like clay into however my brain told me to perceive it at any given moment. I never really knew what my body looked like.

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Little Ghosts!!

In my recent years, I have become rather fond of little ghosts. This makes Halloween really rather exciting for me, because it is the perfect season to tell everyone how much I love little ghosts and why they should too, but I certainly do not confine my adoration of little ghosts to October.

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This week, I was sifting through a box of cards I saved from my senior-year of high school. I am an immensely sentimental person who borderline hoards mementos - it was a big box. So many of the cards I got from my friends throughout senior-year said the same sort of thing- “I love you, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time, I’m here for you.” Over and over. Now, I have very little self-perception.

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