Design Our Cover

We are looking for a cover design for the Winter Issue of the magazine that communicates the theme –

HOME: Where Is That and What Does It Mean?

To enter:

  • Turn in your design via website – art submissions
    • Indicate that it is for the cover design
  • ALL cover design submissions will be featured in the magazine!
    • Selected design will be credited on Cover AND the contributor will be featured in a magazine article!
  • Design format can be
    • hand or digitally drawn
      • if hand drawn, see the video with guidelines for submitting 3-D art on the submissions page
    • photographed, or
    • digitally laid out (graphic design).

Design Specifications:

Cover size:

8.5” x 11” (Yes, our magazine is made to be able to print on the average home office printer!)

Masthead space (this is the logo at the top of the page):

              Covers the top 1 7/8” (Let’s just call it 2 inches!)


The cover of the magazine needs to communicate the theme of the current issue.

Highlighted/featured information will be laid over the cover design, so a simple image may work best. In this case, less is more.