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As a mentor, you are a trusted advisor that offers support and

  • Motivates
  • Inspires
  • Supports by role modeling, experience, or trusted resources.
  • Guides mentees to improvement by offering positive, constructive criticism.
  • Displays communication skills
  • Listens to the girls more than talks, and most importantly,
  • Places the responsibility in the hands of the teens

Specifically, our mentors will meet, via Zoom, with the editorial team. Team meetings are weekly and last on average 60 to sometimes 90 minutes. Mentors would be expected to attend at least 2x/month. There will be opportunities for mentors to provide training in their area of expertise if desired. Mentors agree to be accessible by email/ group text or other forms of communication. Finally, mentors will guide Editorial Team members in the practices for each category of the magazine as they fulfill the job requirements as listed below.

All Categories:

  • Select copy from submissions for publication.
  • Ensure that copy fits with magazine quarterly theme.


  • Make sure all contributions selected for publication are well-written and on-target for the audience


  • Make sure all credits are properly cited for each image – including proper name spellings
  • Make sure all written content pertinent to images is grammatically correct and on-target for the audience
  • Ensure that video and audio content have cover images
  • Work with photography for displays of 3-D images i.e. sculpture

Always remember the TGS tagline:

Because Girls Have Important Things to Say