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Bloom in the heart

Step by step, I don’t feel alone because I know that, in my struggles, I am accompanied by God. I know that not everyone has the same beliefs as me. Honestly, that is the beauty of the world, because I get to learn from others and others from me.

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When I realized the brink of adulthood was approaching, the first thing I wanted to do was buy a cupcake. It wouldn’t be hard, in my current living arrangement. Since I live on a college campus, many stores, restaurants, and libraries are a short walk away from my dorm. One happens to be a place called Molly’s Cupcakes.

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Finals are right around the corner and the school year is about to end. For many people, including me, finals can be a very stressful time. I have some strategies that help me de-stress before and after my finals. Getting good grades is something that almost every person, whether they are in High School or in College, has to worry about.

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Literature, Learning, and Love

I don’t remember when my parents first got a membership for the Austin Public Library. I only knew that my father always brought along the plastic card when my siblings and I piled into the car for the fifteen-minute drive.

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A little bit more of Amy March

Amy March is much more than what a lot of people think. No, she is not only the sister who burned Jo’s book. Or the one who got away easy. Or the one who stole Laurie away. She is the one who made mistakes and asked for forgiveness.

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