Who We Are

This Girls Story (TGS) is a quarterly girl-led magazine that showcases contributions from girls ages 13-19. With the possible exception of some editorial information, the magazine consists of completely girl-supplied content. The mission of TGS is to provide a creative platform where teen girls can express themselves, gain publishing experience, and build confidence.

Where We Come From

Beth Tomas is passionate about nurturing young women to live up to their full potential. The mother of two adult daughters, Beth has spent most of her career and free time working with girls and teens, including 10 years as a Girl Scout Leader.  She believes helping girls develop their voice and writing about it or expressing it in another art form will build the skills they need to become strong, articulate, and compassionate leaders—now and in the future. These are the girls who will be the leaders of tomorrow, creating a better world for us all.

What Comes Next

Whether you are AFAB, transgender, cisgender, or are gender fluid, if you identify in any way as female, we believe the world needs to hear your stories! Contributions include stories, essays, poetry, drawings, comics, and photography.  Shortly, we will be seeking audio and video contributions.