Beauty comes in many different forms and is found all around us, as long as we choose to look.
You can look around you, or simply look within yourself. In this issue, we want you to share
what beauty means to you, and how you choose to find it in your life.

Optional prompts to consider:

  • How do you define beauty?
  • How do you view the relationship between inner and outer beauty?
  • Who or what has taught you what beauty means?
  • Are there times when you’ve struggled to feel beautiful?
  • Do you care about feeling beautiful? Why or why not?
  • What are key moments in your life in which you felt beautiful?
  • What makes someone or something beautiful to you?
  • How do human connections contribute to your understanding of beauty?
  • Does being beautiful mean being perfect?
  • Share a time when embracing “imperfections” led to a deeper sense of beauty or self-
  • Recall an “ordinary” moment that you found unexpectedly beautiful.

Submission Deadline: February 11th